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What problem does The Post Host solve?  

Lost earrings! Lost backs! And when traveling, bent and broken stems!

The problem of keeping both earrings in the pair together, where it’s easy to find the matching one instantly because they haven’t been shifting or moving around.

For some reason, the experience of using the Post Host finds women far less likely to toss their earrings on a counter and have them fall onto the floor, getting lost or stepped on.

The ease of keeping the earring and the back together, the attraction of having the pair be right where you put them when you’re ready to match them to an outfit, and not having to dig around in tiny cubes that hurt your fingers, has women putting the earring away immediately.  It’s FUN to use the Post Host!

How is The Post Host unique?  

1. While other travel jewelry cases have slots or bins to put items in, the bottom layer of “magic” foam (proprietary, co-polymer) securely, yet gently, firmly holds both a tiny post and a clunky back. It also secures hoop earrings in place.

2. There is only ONE formulation of the foam in the world capable of this.  The manufacturer is a global leader in cellular materials technology and has a process for providing unique product IDs to select customers for competitive protection.

3. Unlike most accessories for carrying jewelry which are either: 1) soft and flexible (jewelry roll, plastic baggie) or 2) box-like bins with hard tops (plastic cubbies, small paper boxes), the Post Host has a different top foam that gently encases the jewelry so it doesn’t get squashed or mangled … and doesn’t bounce around becoming scratched and tangled.  The case is solid, non-flexible, protecting the stems from being bent and eventually broken.

4. It’s featherweight when made with injection mold process which makes carrying jewelry a breeze.

5. The “magic” foam is treated in a way that retards tarnishing of silver jewelry.

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How is The Post Host demonstrable?  

    • Take earring out of ear. Put back on earring.
  • Push earring (with the back) down into the foam.
  • With lid open, turn over. Earrings don’t fall out.
  • Lay a pendant on the foam, around the earrings. Close case. Shake. Open. Chain not tangled.
  • Put hoop earrings into foam.  Turn upside down, they don’t fall out.
  • Cut the sheet of foam to any size and place in a container or drawer.
  • Magic foam sheets for DIY lining of drawers, boxes. (Super high margin. 8″x10″ sheet. Cost $2.23. Sells for $15.)
  • Magic foam in glass-covered box to fit on shelf, display all, keep pairs together with shifting or slipping.
  • Foam sectioned off inside to allow for rings, hoop & clip earrings and necklaces.
  • Men’s line for cuff-links, tie tacks, and lapel pins.
  • Clear-topped cases with magic foam inside.

What are ideas for product variations?  

  • Half-size (a single mold insert) for small
  • Unlimited variety of colors and patterns (hearts, stars, textures)
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon, Unsplash.com

What does it cost you?  

$1.56 to $4.01 depending on style/source of case

What are you selling it for?

$14.95 to $24.95 (retail)

How did you invent this solution?  

See the Business Observer article. The journalist did an excellent job of explaining the history.

More answers coming soon…

  • What are your sales?
  • How do you sell this?
  • What did HSN say when it was shown to buyers?
  • What have you done for market research?
  • Do you have a patent?

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March 14, 2018

Lori, I posted a SWOT analysis articulating the STRENGTHS, WEAKNESSES, OPPORTUNITIES and THREATS for the Post Host travel earring case and organizer for you on this page.  Click here for a PDF of the SWOT.

March 7, 2018

I’m pleased to announce that THE POST HOST travel earring organizer is a FEATURED ARTICLE in the February 23, 2018 SARASOTA BUSINESS OBSERVER, Florida’s Newspaper for the C-Suite.  The writer’s clever title is “Statement Earrings”.  In this article you will get an excellent understanding of the history of this product’s development. There’s also a picture of the variety of Post Host styles. You’ll find the direct link to the article on the webpage we’ve created for you, under PRESS / MEDIA.   GO TO HTTPS://WWW.THEPOSTHOST.COM/LORI-GREINER to see this media coverage and more.

February 28, 2018

With an hour-long QVC show each week you look for ways to keep fresh products available for your audience.  You want items that solve a problem, are unique and can be demonstrated. The Post Host Travel Earring Case does this.  Go to www.ThePostHost.com/lori-greiner to see the proof. You also want products that can offer many variations and spin-offs so that you never run out of sale options. Because of the “magic” foam used in the Post Host and the various size / color / shape combinations, numerous product opportunities exist.  These ideas are explained on your special webpage. Over the years, the Post Host has proven to strongly appeal to your target market (women 50+) who travel.  We are currently revalidating our data with the “one thousand interview” process.

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February 21, 2018

Last Christmas, Jane Regan (a person unknown to me) bought a single Post Host travel earring case because she saw the ABC TV, Channel 7 morning talk show where I was a featured guest.

Yesterday (with no email or marketing triggers) Jane ordered another eight (8).  I called her.

WHY DID SHE BUY THEM NOW?  “I’m keeping four for Christmas gifts and using the others for birthdays of my BFFs” (Yes, that’s what she said.)

When you have friends who have everything you’d ever want, it’s perfect.” “We travel a lot together.  Not just cruises, we’re going to Italy soon and just got back from Nashville.”  “I’m on my way out to the theater tonight.”

(Facebook Ad Target: women with discretionary income often dress for cruises, theater, opera, ballet, orchestra.)

February 14, 2018

IN YOUR BOOK, you indicated a need to keep your QVC pipeline full, changing-up products, offering new items and varieties to popular ones. Your audience is women 45–65 who appreciate organizing, jewelry and travel.

The Post Host Travel Earring Case leverages that sweet spot. I am offering to sell this product line to you.

WHY IT’S GOOD FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS: It solves the problem of lost backs, broken stems, missing earrings when not at home. It inhibits tarnishing.

WHY IT’S GOOD FOR YOU: It’s unique and demonstrable, just push earrings into a one-of-a-kind, proprietary co-polymer foam; they stay. Tip the open case over, they don’t fall out. Backs stay attached to earrings.

It’s SMALLER than anything you have online, fitting snugly in a purse, briefcase or travel bag. The foam can be sold as a separate product for drawer insert.

We’re in PROOF OF CONCEPT with a product that works; a commercially made case; hand-assembled. See also www.ThePostHost.com; previous submissions 11/1 & 12/20

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December 20, 2017  

THE POST HOST TRAVEL EARRING CASE. Here’s an update from my Nov 1st submission to you that included a PR Newswire release. The Post Host Travel Earring Organizer was recently featured on The Suncoast View which is a local ABC TV talk show.

– 13% of people who clicked to our site, purchased.
– Customers purchased an average number of 3.13 units (cases or foam sheets).
– The average spend per customer, $67.70.

On this segment, we also introduced the “foam insert” sheet as a purchasable item.  50% of people buying cases, also bought a foam sheet for the drawer.

Here’s a link to the 3.5 min segment featuring the Post Host Travel Earring case.

I’m not in the business of consumer products so I’m looking for someone who recognizes the potential and wants to make this travel earring organizer her own.   I look forward to hearing from you. https://www.theposthost.com

November 1, 2017  

Lori, I’ve created this “orphan” earring organizer for travel that needs a family. Would you be interested in adoption?

I ask this because, at the very core of your heart, you are all about organizing products, especially earrings. Your passion stemmed from helping Mom find hers.

My problem was broken and lost pierced earrings when traveling on business trips and vacations. I developed a solution that is unlike any on the market … and it works. It keeps the backs attached to the earrings and uses a simple push and stay method.

The secret is in the one-of-a-kind “foam insert” (a proprietary co-polymer) that snugly holds the entire earring. When the jewelry is removed, the foam self-heals for repeated use. No longer do I cry because of lost and broken earrings.

Press release with images.  http://prn.to/2zXdKls

Full link: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/new-earring-organizer-case-for-travel-keeps-jewelry-safe-stems-wont-break-and-backs-arent-lost-300544773.html?tc=eml_cleartime

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