Revolutionary Earring Protector

9 Problems Solved By The Post Host

1. LOSING your earrings … even just ONE!

2. LOSING BACKS (because they stay on the earring).

3. STEPPING on earrings fallen to the floor, hiding in the carpet.

4. BENDING and BREAKING stems when traveling.

5. FISHING around to find the MATCHING earring (they’re always together).

6. DEALING with tangled jewelry when traveling (because everything stays in place).

7. DAMAGING jewelry kept in flimsy boxes and bags (because our case is sturdy and tight).

8. FINDING scattered earrings when you open your suitcase (or not finding them).

9. HURTING your fingers, digging around in plastic boxes.

 Satisfaction GuaranteeOur Promise To You … A Money Back Guarantee!

We guarantee you will be completely satisfied with the POST HOST or
we’ll happily have you return it for a full refund of the purchase price (exclusive of shipping).